Hi there!

Fancy seeing you here. You can call me Miss Zee. I am a twenty-something year old lady based in Nairobi, and in love with Mombasa, where I spent most of my childhood. Growing up near the ocean is probably why I like walking barefoot. There’s just something about the feel of the earth, the smell of the ocean, and the sound of the sea breeze that makes me feel alive and adventurous. That is why I make a trip to the coast every chance I get, whenever I want to think better and worry less. Notice I did not say “think less,” well here’s the thing, my mind is always racing with thoughts, hence it was only natural that I started blogging. That was back in 2011. And it has been a satisfying and wonderful journey. So after a one-year break, some (more) thoughts, and a lot of growth, I decided to make a website out of it!

So Welcome to my new blog! Where I let you into my thoughts, my world, and my space. This is where I share the enlightening lessons I have learnt, the interesting inspirational escapades I have had, the engaging events I have attended, and the beautiful photos I have taken. (Bonus: I also write stories that will blow your mind!) Plus, I created this space so that you and I can have conversations about different issues in our day to day lives, and hopefully, find ways to make the world a better place. So if you love asking questions, humour, questioning life, finding solutions to problems, thinking out loud, traveling, good photos, women, and sandy beaches, you will feel right at home!

I would also love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas so feel free to reach me at: talktome@aglassofzee.com.  Do not forget to subscribe via email so you can get alerted every time I post super amazing stuff on the site! Oh and something else, don’t hold back, go ahead and LIKE, COMMENT, and go ham on that SHARE button!

See you in the internet.

With love,
Miss Zee

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